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SPIDER SCOOP_Cat Litter Scoop

Are you still using 2 separate scoops each with big and small holes?
Now you can solve the problem with just one ✔Spider Scoop!
Quickly finish the litter box cleaning,
and play with your cats in your spare time

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SPIDERSCOOP has been selected for Global Premium Living Goods following its recognition as an outstanding design product in Korea, through the Good Design Selection (GD).
MONDOMIO PET [SPIDERSCOOP] has been selected for the [2023 Global Premium Living Goods] hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, organized by Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP).
SPIDERSCOOP can be used with a variety of litters, including bentonite, cassava, and corn litters, as well as regular and fine particles, and even the cracking types. With SPIDERSCOOP, one scoop is all you need, no matter the type of litter. With just one scoop, you can easily take care of your cat's litter until the end. (Check out the video in '03. Fits with all types of litter')

Our cats use the litter box, but it’s our responsibility to keep the box clean. To clean the litter box often, the cleaning should be simple. To Provide the litter box with pleasant environment for our cats, the litter scoops must be comfortable for us to use. Overall the usability of the scoop directly affects the cats comfort and health.

A litter scoop from the bottom of our hearts.
It’s us using the scoop! Therefore, SPIDER SCOOP comes in a trendy & ergonomic design made out of eco-friendly materials. Not only it provides a quick litter box cleaning, SPIDER SCOOP also excels in design and material.

Changing the standard of litter scoops!  #SpiderWeb  #VariousHoleSizes  #CatLitterScoop  #FitsJustRight

The whole handle in an entasis form with wooden fiber provides the best artistic grip. Reduce the fatigue ↓↓ with beautiful and comfortable scooping.

Grip that feels just right in your hands

Filtering large clumps from the back and small clumps from the front with accuracy.

[SPIDER SCOOP] is bigger than the existing scoops out there, it has 108 holes in a unique spider web pattern, so it quickly and accurately catches from big clumps to small crumbs!
Are you still using 2 separate scoops each with big and small holes? Now you can solve the problem with just one SPIDER SCOOP!Quickly finish the litter box cleaning, and play with your cats in your spare time!

Just tilt to the back for big clumps!

Shake it lightly in the front for small crumbs!

TThe SPIDERSCOOP is optimized for a variety of consolidated litter, including Bentonite Litter with a spider web pattern, Casava Litter, and Corn Litter, as well as Tofu litter from regular grain to fine grain and even cracked.

Bentonite Litter (large lumps/small crumbs)
Casava Litter (large lumps/small crumbs)
Tofu litter regular grain (large lumps/small crumbs)
Tofu litter fine grain (large lumps/small crumbs)

Tofu litter cracked (large lumps/small crumbs)

[SPIDER SCOOP] is a giant scoop measuring the size of 12 x 29.6 cm(11.7”×4.7”) It saves time when cleaning multiple litter boxes or extra-large litter boxes by reducing the number of scooping.
[SPIDER SCOOP] is big and sturdy but light. It only weighs 103g(3.6oz). It will not affect our wrists from daily scooping.

SPIDER SCOOP is made with a biocomposite material DuraSense of StoraEnso, a global corporation in Sweden

[SPIDER SCOOP] is closer to nature made out of safe and healthy biocomposite materials.Let’s start the 'good consumption' for the environment with [SPIDER SCOOP]!

They are a composition of wood fiber and polymer and natural, renewable materials that can reduce the carbon emission and minimize greenhouse gas emission. Reduce maximum 80% of CO2 and more than 50% of plastic use

DuraSense Certification mark

All processes of planning, designing, mock-up, molding, and injecting of [SPIDER SCOOP] is directly performed by MONDOMIO in Korea.

SPIDER SCOOP test result, 10 RoHS substances not found

Test completed by a trustworthy national certified organization (KOTITI) RoHS 10 Substances Cadmium (Cd), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Hexavalent Chromium, PBB, PBDE, DEHP, BBP, DBP, DIBP were not detected. Non-toxic, and be used with confidence!

*The color of the product may differ between the photograph and the actual product depending on the shooting environment and the device display.

- This was made for cat litter box cleaning only, do not use for any other purpose.
- For cleaning instruction, wash with water and detergent. Dry at room temperature before use
- Do not use in places exposed to fire or heat
- Keep out of reach of infant and children


The World Renowned 'MONDOMIOPET'
TAIWAN INNOTECH EXPO ‘Platinum Award’ (Korea's first Award)
SEOUL INTERNATIONAL INVENTION FAIR ‘Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award’
GERMANY IF Design Award ‘WINNER’ (The World's Top 3 Design Awards)
USA, IDEA Design Award ‘FINALIST’ (The World's Top 3 Design Awards)
USA, DNA Paris Design Awards ‘WINNER’
KOREA, Good Design Selection ‘SELECTED’
KOREA, Global Premium Living Goods ‘SELECTED’
MONDOMIOPET was recognized for its design skill and technological excellence, having won numerous national and international awards and holding intellectual property rights. (patent, utility model, design registration, trademark registration, etc.)

* WARNING : All products of MONDOMIOPET are protected by intellectual property rights through patents, utility models, and registration of design & trademark. Any manufacture or sale of a replica or knock-off based on our technology or design may be subject to legal action.

From Design to Production, Retail to After-Service
led by a Domus Academy and I.E.D. alumna and developed by professional researchers. [MONDOMIOPET] is the best brand you can offer to your lovely companions.

High-end Product Made and Managed by Experts
All products of MONDOMIOPET are either MONDOMIO or OEM products, meeting its high standards of product management. Retail and AS are managed directly by MONDOMIO.

Designed by MONDOMIO

Made in KOREA
Product Details
Product Name SPIDER SCOOP_Cat Litter Scoop
Price ₩18,000
Overview Are you still using 2 separate scoops each with big and small holes?
Now you can solve the problem with just one ✔Spider Scoop!
Quickly finish the litter box cleaning,
and play with your cats in your spare time
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